Spices have a long and old history, particularly in India, where they are a piece of life and legacy. In each home and in each region the nation over, various spices and mixes are utilized to make unique and unmistakable preferences for dishes. A very long while back, housewives used to pound their spices physically at home and make their own mixes for use in their cooking. To make this procedure less demanding for the housewife, 'MORPA EXPORTS' envisioned the idea of prepared to-utilize ground spices as well dried whole spices Beginning with physically whole spices, 'MORPA EXPORTS' before long changed over to programmed machines to take care of the quickly developing demand for 'MORPA EXPORTS' Spices. To such an extent today spices worth crores of rupees are made and pressed by present day machines and sold all through India and abroad through a system of more than 300 Stockists and more than 1 Lacs retail merchants. These machines currently have a limit of delivering 10 tones of spices in powders pressed in lovely buyer pack of various sizes (10g to 500g) in multi day.